Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, Do

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A teacher has to deal with students of various kinds. They are not always the easy ones; a teacher has to confront with weak students as well. These students might even take a longer time to learn. Such hurdles can be crossed by experienced teachers who have cultivated skills for handling such problems over a period of time.

Research has proven that students cannot be forced to learn, they are more diverted to a direction where their interest lies. So, naturally, it becomes a teacher’s obligation to also observe his/her students closely knowing their interests so that a relationship of trust is established between them. This will help the students build their interest in the lectures delivered by that specific teacher.

Joe Parlier

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This can be achieved by mere actions of a teacher i.e. what he thinks, says and does.

What Skilled Teachers Can Think

A wise teacher will always work on creating an interactive environment in the class instead of being authoritative.One can practice his/her authority to maintain the respect a teacher deserves but more focus should be put on being cooperative by coordinating with the students.

Do not link your hopes to an only specific range of students. If a teacher is not putting confidence in any student, then he is most likely to stay deprived of it forever. So, treat every student with equality by treating them in the same manner with a continuous struggle of encouraging them.

Never assume that you are bound to repeat a certain topic for a limited number of times. Instead, a good teacher is the one who goes on repeating a topic until it is understood by all. Thinking in a way that the treasure of knowledge can decrease by sharing is the wrong way anyone can think in.

Do not overburden yourself in an effort to keep the sole authority of the class to yourself alone. Let a responsible student share this burden of management with you. Assign a perfect or monitor for a purpose and you will see how things related to discipline, management, stress etc. start improving.

What Skilled Teachers Can Say

Consider it your duty as a teacher to pass on positivity to your students by saying as minimum as an inspirational quotation. However, just make sure you are pouring positivity drop by drop into them.

A great teacher never hesitates to apologize whenever he fails to make his students understand something or made any wrong judgment and wrongfully scolded any student. It only brings him closer to the students, which is fruitful for their personal grooming.

What Skilled Teachers Can Do

A teacher can always offer flexibility to his/her students so that they share whatever problem they are facing. Creating such an environment can result in the formation of an institution which will soon become the highly recommended one.

Do also go beyond the academic teaching and let the students know the real sides of life by quoting incidents having a moral lesson of no matter what kind.

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